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Jen Nelson, DC


Dr. Jen Nelson is not only great at what she does but she is knowledgeable about her profession and is extremely passionate about her clients and helping to heal others. If Dr. Nelson lived in San Diego I would be her most dedicated client! When people learn that she will be in San Diego there is a line waiting to see her. 
Dr. Nelson uses a number of techniques in addition to adjustments, such as, Smart Tools, Cupping, massage, physical therapy strengthening exercises and stretches. She uses these techniques on the problem area to enhance the healing process and ensure her patients are feeling great long term! 
I have been treated by Dr. Jen Nelson numerous times and each time I feel like a new woman afterwards! For example, I had been suffering from a head ache over the right side of my eye which felt like it was there 24/7. No matter what gel I rubbed on it, heating pad I put on it, massages or stretches I did, nothing would work to alleviate the pain I felt. In fact, we figured out that I wound up in Urgent Care with a migraine that caused one side of my face, arm and hand to go completely numb because of the issue I was having. After Dr. Nelson evaluated me she discovered that I had a pressure point in my left trap. This is when the muscle swells around the nerve which explains a lot of the symptoms I was experiencing. 
Dr. Jen Nelson worked on me for about an hour and the next day, for the first time since I can remember, I woke up head ache free and feeling amazing! I have not felt this pain since as she showed me how to work on that area myself.
I encourage you to go see her if you are in pain, like most of us are, because she will be able to help you! I can guarantee it! 
Thank you Dr. Nelson!!!!
- Brea S.

Thank you, Dr. Jen Nelson – you are purely amazing – every time!

Dr. Nelson is extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply to give relief and healing, but way beyond: she empowers her patients to personally play a proactive role in the recovery process. She has great insight into the deeper cause of your pain. Dr. Nelson takes time to explain the connection of your default movements of many years and current symptoms. It all comes together and makes sense. And then she equips you to take active charge of your recovery and strengthening with pointed exercises. She makes sure you know correct biomechanics before you leave. It feels empowering and you leave as educated, motivated participant of your health.

I have worked for several years now with Dr. Nelson and she helped me tremendously with root causes of pain in ankle, knee, hips, and back. Thanks to adjustments and extremely specific exercises I have been pain free or know what to do right away if pain comes back.

After shoulder surgery and extensive PT that continued to be painful, Dr. Nelson corrected my biomechanics of movement and suggested a few specific exercises that have been extremely helpful in building correct mobility and strength. I have made tremendous progress since.

I am always impressed and grateful for her knowledge, her engagement, and her enthusiasm for what she does and her patients!

Martina N. – La Mesa, CA

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